From small maintenance modifications to large multi-discipline EPC projects, Paton’s experienced project management team can be trusted to oversee every phase of a client’s project to ensure that it is delivered on time and within budget.  Our model provides a single point of responsibility to ensure that all project objectives, from engineering through construction, are met in the best interest of the client. We understand that the right mix of communication, planning, monitoring, and controlling can make the difference in completing a project with high quality results.

Many companies shortchange the planning process, with an emphasis on jumping right in and beginning the work. This is a setup for failure. The time spent properly planning the project will result in reduced cost and duration and increased quality over the life of the project. Paton’s project managers believe that the plan IS a deliverable. They work to seek out all parties that have a stake in the final result and facilitate alignment on the project’s objective. Then a strong focus on organization, productivity and control drives success.

Paton is committed to the pursuit of excellence which demands that our managers are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to recognize project execution pitfalls – poor planning, scope creep, cost and schedule variances and tapering productivity.  Our job one is to deliver the highest quality job in the most efficient and safe manner.  The end result is a strong reputation of trust and long lasting client relationships.