At Paton, Safety is not a Job requirement, Safety is a Value.  Paton’s corporate commitment to achieving safety excellence in everything we do supports our philosophy that “Nobody Gets Hurt”. Our construction management teams pass along our Safety values all contractors and employees, and in turn, create the “work safe” culture necessary for achieving Zero Injuries.

Paton’s construction group grew out of a direct response from our clients to provide one stop shopping for our services. We offer a complete portfolio of services that range from small stand‐alone construction projects to multi‐disciplinary engineering and construction projects and also to ongoing plant maintenance.

Our construction and engineering groups collaborate to maximize quality and improve the construction efficiency of the project. We pride ourselves at delivering projects on schedule and under budget by focusing on safety and quality, all while ensuring long‐term maintainability and reliability.

Paton’s construction professional staff possess the skills necessary to plan and execute a project from conception to commissioning and startup.

Specific Construction Services Include:

  • Turnarounds
  • Constructability studies
  • Construction planning and scheduling
  • Construction management
  • Material management
  • Instrument installation and calibration
  • Electrical installations including:
    • Cabling and wiring systems
    • Power distribution systems
    • Lighting and grounding systems
  • DCS/PLC system installation and checkout including
    • Loop checks
    • Commission, Hot cutover
  • Data/Network systems

Key Elements to Success

The transition of a project from Construction to Commissioning and Startup is probably the most critical point in the project life cycle.  Paton has the experience and capabilities necessary to guide our customers through this critical point in the project.  Some of the key elements Paton brings to ensure a successful project include:

  • Provide constructability and planning early in the project
  • Expertise in developing cutover strategies